David Blumenstein's Nakedfella Productions
I'm a cartoonist, storyboard artist, writer, animator and graphic scribe in Melbourne, Australia. I've done comics for Guardian Australia, Australian MAD, Crikey, Junkee and SBS Comedy. I'm also a founder of Australia's funnest open cartoonists' workspace, Squishface Studio.

If you want to know more about me and see my comics, go to my blog.

If you want to buy my new comic book, #takedown, it'll be available in stores soon, and for online order from Pikitia Press.

If you want to buy my previous comics, Scare Campaign and Showman?, go to Milk Shadow Books.

If you want to hire me, check out my portfolio.

If you're interested in Squishface Studio, get in touch with us here or check out our occasional podcast.

You can e-mail me here or follow me on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter.